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Q: Che cosa significa "They were showing off for each other, engaged in a verbal mating dance."
A: Basically using their words to be attractive to each other. Some people get turned on by another being able to keep up with them intellectually and in this case that is what it is referring to.
Showing off- think of peacocks showing their plumage to attract a mate. Then switch it to verbally showing off.
Q: Che cosa significa mating fruit bats?
A: 正在交配的果蝠
Q: Che cosa significa be involved in mating ?
A: Without context, I think it means to breed or make babies?

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Q: What is different between mating, copulating and having sex?
A: "mating" and "copulating" both sound very formal, but we almost never use "copulating." You will usually find people use the word "mating" when talking about science, animals, and other nature discussions.

In every other conversation, "having sex" is the most common way to say it.
Q: In mating season, even though you attempt to feed femal deer, you might get full force of wrath from male which is watching her. sembra naturale?
A: During [their] mating season, if you attempt to feed a female deer, you might face the (full) wrath of a buck who is watching her.

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