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Q: Che cosa significa “Sometimes, I use Miranda to get out my feelings on what someone who is exact opposite of me thinks.” Miranda is a character the speaker plays.?
A: I think the speaker is trying to say that when they play the role of Miranda, they try and imagine what someone who acts and thinks completely different from their real self would be like. Maybe because this Miranda character is nothing like what the speaker is in real life.
Q: Che cosa significa like Miranda got to you?
A: This sounds like someone might be saying "It looks like Miranda got to you," which means that someone named Miranda said or did something that made you react. It might mean that Miranda's actions or words made you angry or sad or happy. Usually if someone "got to you" it is meant that they affected you in a negative way (angry, sad, guilty). But sometimes it can mean they affected you in a positive way (happy, motivated).
Q: Che cosa significa Miranda is a huge deal.?
A: 「ミランダさんはとても大切な人です。」


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Q: Come si dice in Inglese (Stati Uniti)? Miranda noticed that the checkout girl had on a cross neckless like her mom used to wear. Here what does “like” mean?
A: It means 같다/비슷하다. To be similar, to be the same.

저희 엄마가 했던 목걸이랑 같은 십자가목걸리
A cross necklace like my mom used to wear

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Q: Miranda kerr famous in USA? or no
Q: Miranda tries to speaking Thai. sembra naturale?
A: tries speaking
Tries to speak
Q: Miranda stopped watching the horror film as it was getting too scary

I was late for work beacuse I stopped to talk to some friends sembra naturale?
Q: Miranda invited me to go to her ice skating with her and her friends the next day sembra naturale?
A: Miranda invited me to go ice skating with her and her friends the next day
Q: Why Miranda the TV show doesn't have season 4 any more?
A: "Why isn't season four of Miranda (the TV show) available anymore?"

Sorry, I've never even heard of a TV show called Miranda before, but maybe season four was removed for copyright reasons?

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