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Q: Che cosa significa ''You misspelled you're every single time.''?
A: You're misspelling the word "you're" every single time. You probably used it when you should have used the word "your," or vice versa.

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Q: Qual è la differenza tra To misspell e To write wrong/poorly/bad

To write well/correctly/properly ?
A: To misspell means to use the wrong letters to construct a word.
"The pipple have a rite to do whatever they disire."
To write poorly means to construct sentences poorly, to use the wrong tenses, to have run-on sentences, use double negatives. Basically, to break the rules of grammar.
"Him and his wife invited us for dinner and I wished we could of went but we had other things already planned so me and my wife had to tell then no we couldn't."
To write well is just the opposite.
"He and his wife invited us to dinner, but we already had plans for that night. Otherwise, my wife and I would have gone. We explained to them why we had to decline."

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Q: I often misspell some words such as raport(rapport), narow(narrow), horible(horrible), asortment(assortment), mispel(misspell), desend(descend)etc. How can I know which letter to double when its pronunciation is barely changes otherwise? Is there any rules for spelling?
A: When I was reading as a kid, my parents always told me to “sound it out” and say it slowly. Pronouncing the word syllable by syllable can help learn the spelling for some words with double letters. For most words with double letters in the middle: there will be separate syllables.

Horrible — Hor•ri•ble
Narrow— Nar•row
Q: I can't help but misspell English words. Even if I know the right spell of the words, I often made mistakes when I submit questions to Hinative. sembra naturale?
A: spell-->spelling
Q: (i've probably misspelled how it is written sembra naturale?
A: I’ve probably misspelled how it is actually written
Q: You misspelled, other than that, all is perfect. sembra naturale?
A: よくother than thatは句の始めで使うからYou misspelledを自己の句にするほうがいいと思います。

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