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Q: Come si dice in Inglese (Stati Uniti)? Я хочу учиться в MIT
A: I want to study at MIT

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Q: MIT technology review selected self-driving trucks as one of 10 break-through technologies in 2017. sembra naturale?
A: Selected or chose are correct
Q: MIT is the closest university from where I live.
sembra naturale?
A: "MIT is the university closest to where I live" is probably going to be the smoother phrasing in nearly all situations.
Q: Who are studying at MIT? I trying to apply as an international student. Could you give me some advices? I would appreciate your help 😊
A: I am not studying at MIT but I am also going through the college process. Since you are coming as an international student you will definately need to provide some English language proficency assessment, your grades should be at the top of the class. Also, MIT likes to see an interest in a specialized area (ie: if you wanted to become an engineer taking an advanced course in physics or a test that measures your ability in physics is a good idea
Q: In one MIT study, students were given two types of tasks. sembra naturale?
A: Very good, just make sure to say the "s" at the end of "tasks" and to pause between "study" and "student."

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