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Q: Che cosa significa momma ain't raise no bitch!?
A: It mean you are not afraid or you are brave in a very rude way
Q: Che cosa significa momma?

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Q: Qual è la differenza tra momma e mummy ?
A: They are both nicknames for mother. There are many others (mamma, mommy, mom, mum)

Not the same but, "mummy" is also what kings in Egypt who are wrapped and placed in sarcophagus in the pyramids are called
Q: Qual è la differenza tra momma e mummy ?
A: Actually there is no difference ,both means the same that is mother. Its just the matter of preferences .

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Q: Which is correct? (Auto-correction highlighted momma as wrong spelling)
Can you help me, Momma?
Can you help me, Mamma?
A: "Mama" is a common spelling. "Momma" is also used in the South. I haven't seen anyone use "Mamma."
Q: "too loud little momma!"

What's do you mean?
A: "Little momma" can be a nickname for a girl/young woman, and the person is telling her that something (or her) is too loud.
Q: Why don't you become independent? You seem like a momma's boy. sembra naturale?
A: "Why don't you become independent?"
"Why aren't you independent?"
Try those, be doesn't work right there :)
Q: "While she was still very young, her momma died, to the grief of her husband and daughter" I don't know this grammar, although I understand what it means. Some words are skipped before "to"?
A: It means that it was to her husband's and daughter's grief that her mum dies while she was still young.
Another example of a sentence like this is "After the bombing, nothing seemed the same, to the citizens of the village."

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