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Q: Che cosa significa built-in, monolingual, bilingual, multi-lingual?
A: - built-in is a thing that cant be deattached from something, it was built there

- monoligual is a person who speaks one language

-bilingual is a person who speaks 2 languages

-multi-lingual is a person who speaks 2 or more languages

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Q: I was beginning to translate less when I began to use a monolingual dictionary instead bilingual. sembra naturale?
A: Instead of (a) bilingual (one).
Q: I think bilingual is more convenient than monolingual. There are two reasons.
First, people may be able to speak the language which is used in the country when people visit a foreign country. For example, when they buy something, they can tell what they want easily.
Second, when they are asked something by foreign people, they can answer it. In doing so, they can help someone who has troubles.
For these reasons, I think bilingual is better than monolingual.

Is this essay natural?
A: Your sentences are awkwardly worded. In an essay, it is important to avoid awkwardly worded sentences because it can confuse the reader. You also have to write in a more formal way. For example:
“In my belief, being bilingual has more benefits and is more convenient than being monolingual. There are two reasons for this.
The first reason is that people can speak the language in the country that it is used in. An example would be when they buy something from the supermarket. They can ask for what they want without any complications.
Secondly, they can answer questions when being asked directly by a foreigner. In doing so, they can have better connections with people.
In my opinion, these are the main reasons why being bilingual is more beneficial than being monolingual.
I would completely erase the “ help someone who has troubles.” I hope this helps!
Q: Can I say ''monolingual learner'' meaning I learn just one single language?
A: No, if you speak Russian and you learn English, then you would be learning to become bilingual. "monolingual (language) learner" seems like a contradictory term. You might instead call yourself a "bilingual learner", especially if you are skilled in English.
Q: [Only for monolingual and native English speaker that were born and raised in UK, US, or Canada]

He doesn't have experience in working full-time in a logistic division; however, in his former company, he was coordinating with the logistic division and managing deliveries and customs documents for his overseas clients on a daily basis. sembra naturale?
A: Your paragraph is natural and correct.

I don't know what a person is called if they work across several divisions though. Sorry.
Q: Although born and raised in a monolingual family, I have been putting my back into self-training myself to be a legitimate polyglot. sembra naturale?
A: Good luck! :)

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