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Q: Che cosa significa the more outlandish "moonshot" businesses?
A: In this context a "moonshot" is an extremely ambitious and "big" project, similar to sending a man to the moon. Outlandish carries the idea of being extreme, on the edge of bizarre. So apparently Google will be pursuing these projects under the title "Alphabet" rather than Google.
Q: Che cosa significa moonshot?
A: There are 3 different meanings of this word.

1. The launch of a spacecraft (like a rocket) into space onto the moon.

2. A project that has a lot of risk and ambition.

3. In the game of baseball, describing a homerun by its height. (A homerun is when the player hits the ball with the bat where the player can score)

Hope this helped!
Q: Che cosa significa moonshot thinking?
A: Thinking big, just like the distance between you and the moon.

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Q: What does "moonshot" mean in the following context?

Is it a moonshot to think that unpaid labor within households could be counted in gross domestic product measurements? How would that actually work?
A: Here, moonshot means an unreasonable notion.

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