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Q: Che cosa significa Moose(dog's name) and I pass no one on the trail.

What is the meaning of 'passing no one'??
A: It means that you don't encounter any other people.
Q: Che cosa significa Moose(=dog's name) wags his tail expectantly, and I plop out some of the nutty oatmeal for him.

What is plopping out??
A: Plop means to drop something in a casual or sloppy manner. It refers to the sound that something makes when it hits the floor/plate/etc.
"The exhausted man plopped onto the bed and fell asleep" - He tumbled/fell into bed, rather than getting into bed in the normal manner.
"The cook plopped the unappealing stew into my bowl" - The cook spooned the stew into my bowl in a sloppy, uncaring manner, making a thudding sound.
"Moose wagged his tail as his food fell into his bowl with a plot/with a plopping sound."
Q: Che cosa significa Moose(The writer's dog's name) has company by the flat rock. I spot a familiar ball cap and bandanna standing a respectful distance from him.

What is respectful distance??
A: It means standing well back so as not to intrude on someone's privacy or embarrass them by invading their space.

I assume the dog took them so staying away in a respectful distance could mean he wants to look innocent and not be connected to them if he destroyed them
Q: Che cosa significa the local Moose lodge?
A: Local means it is nearby.
I think the "Moose Lodge" is the name of the inn that the person is working at.

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Q: Come si dice in Inglese (Stati Uniti)? Moose
A: Check the question to view the answer

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Q: A Moose family stop the traffic in Alaska 🐾 What an image to of seen 💗 Enjoy your day

What does 'to of seen' mean?
A: I think it should say "what an image to be seen"
Q: Moose was soooo cute. ムースちゃんかわいかったなあー。

As a SNS photo caption. He holds a dog in his arms. sembra naturale?
A: If you want to make it sound cute like ムースちゃん sounds in Japanese, you could say:
Mr. Moose was sooooo cute. :)

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