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Q: Che cosa significa mugger ?
A: Someone that robs people on the streets. It could be a "robber", but "mugger" is used specifically when robbing something from someone (not their home)
Q: Che cosa significa mugger?
A: a person who carries out a mugging.
mugging someone means to attack them and take their stuff. usually money. it's just like robbing someone, but mugging does not typically use weapons and it is done on the street or in an alley.
Q: Che cosa significa a mugger ?
A: Un "mugger" es similar a un ladrón. Es una persona que se acerca a la gente, y usa la violencia para obtener dinero

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Q: Qual è la differenza tra mugger e robber e theft e burglary ?
A: Theft is the broadest term for the crime of taking someone else's property. Robbery is stealing from a business or vehicle using violence or threats of violence. Mugging is stealing from an individual using violence or threats of violence. Burglary is stealing from a building while nobody is there.
Q: Qual è la differenza tra A mugger robbed me of my wallet. e A mugger robbed my wallet. ?
A: #1 they took your wallet
#2 they took the contents (money) from your wallet.

If you use robbed with house it's easier to understand.
He robbed my house. He took my computer, my jewelry and my iPad.
He robbed me of my house. He tricked me into signing a bad contract and was able to take it.
Q: Qual è la differenza tra mugger e smuggler ?
A: A mugger is a person who attacks another is a public place. a smuggler is a person who smuggles goods

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Q: I was assaulted by a fucking mugger sembra naturale?
A: I was fucking(esta palabra es una grosería muy mal, solo debes usarlo con amigos) mugged
Q: What does he say and mean?

3:48~3:52 "this mugger instead of saying ~ got all the(her?) money"
Yeah, that part is confusing for me too. I think he misspoke or just didn't say it very clearly. What I deduced from what he said was that the mugger asked for the money more calmly and without any sort of violence as opposed to shouting and putting them at gunpoint or something, and then proceeded to use violence anyway even though they managed to get the money without doing so, or something like that.
Q: The mugger tried to attack the man with a dagger from behind, moving stealthily, yet the man ducked, making the clumsy mugger stumble and fall down. sembra naturale?
A: Check the question to view the answer

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