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Q: Che cosa significa muzzle ?
A: The front part of an animal with a long face (e.g. a dog)


the front end of a gun barrel
Q: Che cosa significa muzzle?
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Q: Che cosa significa Muzzle, for exemple: put a muzzle on it ?
A: A muzzle is something you put on a dogs mouth. It keeps their mouth closed so they can't bark.

So, "put a muzzle on it," means stop talking.

It's like "shut up."
Q: Che cosa significa You have to muzzle your dog.?
A: @hk0520: this is a muzzle:

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Q: Qual è la differenza tra muzzle e snout e nose ?
A: A nose is a nose....for animals, humans, etc.

A snout is protruding nose (for some animals, like pigs). Birds have beaks, elephants have trunks, but dogs/pigs/etc have snouts.

A muzzle is something that you put over an animal's (usually a dog) mouth so that it doesn't bite anyone.

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Q: Come si dice in Inglese (Stati Uniti)? What means muzzle?
Whats means muzzle?
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Q: What is muzzle fire?
A: The soldiers are trying to find the soldiers shooting at them. The leader tells them to watch for the flash of light that comes from the muzzle (the long end part of the rifle) when a bullet is fired, called muzzle fire or muzzle flash. When you see the flash from the muzzle, you have identified your target and shoot back at it accurately (Nail it-meaning to do it perfectly). Same for looking for their silhouette. When you see a silhouette of an enemy soldier, you have identified your target and shoot at it.

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