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Q: Che cosa significa Nazi?
A: нацист/фашист

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Q: Between Nazi salutes and black swastikas, the Australian writer wrote a fiction book that realistically depicts the terrible conditions that people had to face in that period.

Does it sound natural?
A: Yes, formal and polite ^-^
Q: ‎Turkish Nazi supporters

I personally had a chance to meet some of them. I think there are many Nazi supporters in Turkey especially among young generations. Here are some of the reasons:

Turkey didn’t join WW2, therefore people didn’t experience any Nazi invasion or a shame for fighting with them. That is why in Turkey we have no real memory about Third Reich.

Turkey has always been a nationalist and religious country. Especially nationalist movements were under influence of religion for many years. But since 2002, Turkey has been ruled by conservative government and country has become more religious every day. That is why new nationalist movements look negatively on Islam. This type of mindsets are trying to exclude religion from Turkish nationalism. Nazi movement can be also considered as a type of religiousless nationalism. This makes to pay more attention to Nazi Germany and some new nationalists are appreciating their point of view about nationalism.

In Turkey, there is no significant number of Jewish minority, but you can notice a serious antisemitism among conservative people. This hate probably comes from religion itself and many people believe anti-Semitic conspiracy theories (like jewish people are behind of wars, if you are jewish you can become rich and so on). This increases the sympathy towards Hitler. Once, I heard this from one of my friends: “He was smart, he understood jewish people better than many others”. sembra naturale?
A: Good job, it sounds pretty natural. Just work on your punctuation and a few mistakes.

• I think there are many Nazi supporters in Turkey, especially among young generations. (Add a comma)

• Just 'shame' instead of 'a shame'

• 'especially since' not just 'especially'

• 'by a conservative government' not 'by conservative government'

• "the country has become..." not "country has become"

• 'these types' not 'this types'.

• 'The nazi movement' not 'nazi movement'.

• 'this makes us/them pay' not 'this makes to pay'

• Add a comma after Nazi Germany ('This makes to pay more attention to Nazi Germany, and some new nationalists are...')

• add a comma after religious itself ('This hate probably comes from religion itself, and many people..."

• 'behind wars' not 'behind of wars'

Hope you find this helpful.

Q: Nazi Germany declared war on French in the 1941's; After that Nazi Germany broken into and took control of it.
sembra naturale?
A: I recommend:
"Nazi Germany declared war on France in 1941. After that, Nazi Germany invaded and took control of it."

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