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Q: Che cosa significa You’re negotiating for something less black and white?
A: “You’re asking for something more complicated.”, I believe. :)
Q: Che cosa significa All this negotiating goes right off my head.?
A: The person maybe misspoke, and meant to say “all this negotiating goes right over my head”, which means they don’t understand how to negotiate. It’s overwhelming and too confusing.

Edit: I did some googling and it looks like “off my head” can mean that something is making you crazy. So there is a chance this person meant that this negotiating is driving him crazy.

I personally haven’t heard of this phrase before though...but both seem plausible
Q: Che cosa significa it took a little negotiating.?
A: It was necessary some negotiation.
Q: Che cosa significa sit around the negotiating table?
A: @guu- In this case it means to be in negotiations with somebody.

"Will you sit around the negotiating table with the North Koreans?"

Will you negotiate with them?

"How long did you sit around the negotiating table?"

How long did you negotiate?

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Q: Qual è la differenza tra a negotiating table e a negotiation table ?
A: No difference.

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Q: It took a little negotiating but I wore him down and reached a agreement sembra naturale?
A: It took a little negotiating but I wore him down and reached a(n) agreement.

Q: After tough negotiating, we somehow found the mutual ground where both of us were able to make ends meet. sembra naturale?
A: able to come to an agreement.
Q: Your negotiating muscle has atrophied sembra naturale?
A: Check the question to view the answer

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