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Q: Come si dice in Inglese (Stati Uniti)? ilgilendiğin müzikler nelerdir?
A: what kind/type of music do you like? / what type of music are you interested in?

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Q: keep on, keep up, keep -ing. farkları nelerdir?
how different is from ''continue'' word.
A: "keep on" and "keep" can be used for "continue"

"Keep on working until you finish the report." (continue working...
"Keep working until midnight." (continue working...)

"Keep up" means "don't fall behind"

"Keep up [with us]! We are not going to wait for you."
"I'm not going to that exercise class any more. I can't keep up with the instructor."

"Keep" also means to maintain possession of something.
Don't lose it or give it away.

"Keep the receipt. You might need it later."
"I'm not going to buy anything. I'd rather keep my money."

"Keep" can also mean to maintain something in the condition that it is in.

"Keep the door closed."
"Keep the TV off. I'm trying to study."

"He hasn't chosen a school yet. He is keeping his options open."

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