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Q: Che cosa significa nervousness ?
A: The state of being nervous (긴장)

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Q: It seems like she gets extra nervousness when she performs at the Brits.

does it sound natural? can anyone make this more natural?
A: “She appears to be extra nervous when she performs at the Brits”
Q: *he's nervous but he will do it.

*his nervousness is what is keeping him without confidence.

(does this sound natural?)
A: The "without confidence" part is making it sound a little unnatural. I think most of us would say it like this:
"His nervousness is what's keeping him from being confident."
or "His nervousness is killing (or destroying) his confidence."
Q: I was able to get rid of my nervousness. sembra naturale?
A: × I was able to get rid of my nervousness.
✓ I was able to overcome my nervousness.

More casual: "I was able to get over my nervousness."

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