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Q: Che cosa significa t-last and t-14th (NFL stats)?
A: I'm assuming it's "tied for"
Q: Che cosa significa NFL?
A: National Football League

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Q: Mostrami delle frasi esempio con I often hear NFL commentators say "he's as good as any Cornerback in the NFL". Literally it'd mean he's as good as all the other ones. But in context it means he's better than the ither ones. What's the deal behind it? Did I getbit wrong? .
A: He's as good as any QUARTERBACK in the NFL.
No, it means he's as good as, not better than the others.

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Q: I decide that to be going to go to see an NFL game again.because I want to see him before he retires. sembra naturale?
A: × I decide that to be going to go to see an NFL game again.because I want to see him before he retires.
✓ I (have) decided that I am going to go see an NFL game again, because I want to see him before he retires.

Q: NFL is also doubling down with fallout from the announcement that teams could face forfeit for Covid outbreaks among unvaccinated players.

Q. What's "face forfiet"?
A: A "forfeit" is when one team cannot play the game (usually if they don't have enough players), so the other team automatically wins. So, to "face forfeit" means that a team might have to forfeit a game if they have Covid outbreaks among unvaccinated players.
Q: NFL would not have covered it up for many years to raise public's awareness to the full extent of the problem.
I am confused about the clause. Is raising public's awareness to the full extent of the problem the intention of NFL? Is that why NFL covered it up for many years? If so, if they did want the public to realize the problem, why did it cover the thing up?
A: It is using sarcasm. It means:"The NFL would not have engaged in a coverup if they had wanted to "raise' (sarcasm) the public's awareness, instead they obviously meant to reduce it."

Example: "Sure, you care so much about your son you gambled away his college fund money."
Q: I started watching NFL after coming to the US and often enjoy watching it in tv. sembra naturale?
A: I started watching NFL after coming to the US, and I often enjoy watching it on the TV.
Q: Why do NFL players kneel when it plays national anthem? Are they protesting? If so, for what?
Thank you.
A: Well, it's hard to tell because I don't think that a revolution would look the same as those that occurred in the 60s and 70s. I think that the American moral perspective is becoming increasingly left-wing among young, educated internet users. So it is easier to hold people accountable and call out fraud in politics. Back during the Civil Rights period, Martin Luther King Jr. and the Black Panthers were all targeted by the FBI. The government secretly tried to kill them many times. There is very little chance that the government could get away with that with today's technology. It is so much easier to expose fraud due to the open internet, and I think that the younger generation (most of whom didn't vote in this election) is paying more attention to politics now that Donald Trump is President. If we lose the freedom of our internet, the situation could get worse and lead to mass protests. But nobody should want a revolution, because revolutions lead to bad economies and a lot of damage to both sides. Hopefully the government would cooperate before it reaches that point.

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