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Q: Che cosa significa I work for NGO?
A: NGO is a Non Governmental Organisation. Like OXFAM or the Red Crescent

The phrase you have heard is probably "I work for _an_ NGO"
Q: Che cosa significa NGO ?
A: Non Government Organization, usually a charity

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Q: Come si dice in Inglese (Stati Uniti)? NGOは政府には出来ない事を手伝ってくれる大切な存在です。
A: NGOs are important because they fill in for what governments are unable to do

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Q: There is a NGO specialized in human rights called A. sembra naturale?
A: "An NGO". Use "an" since the reader will read NGO as "en-gee-o" and the letter N sounds like a vowel.
Q: NGO said that the two partially submerged dinghies it discovered near the corpses were the kind usually used by people traffickers.

dinghies の後ろの it は何を指しますか?
A: "NGO"

(probably. A sentence before this could introduce a different thing that "it" refers to)
Q: I would like to work for NGO or UN for what I believe right. sembra naturale?
A: Only change I would make is "or the UN", but that might have been a mistype :)
Q: I am interested in NGO's activities for nature conservation and I heard that your group is one of famous NGOs. sembra naturale?
A: " one of the famous NGOs."

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