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Q: Che cosa significa We are watching NHK weather and Japan is getting a lot of rain, did To game get a lot also??
A: @ma95 きっとタイポです。"Did you get a lot also?" と書きたかったと思います。
Q: Che cosa significa according to NHK?
A: NHKによると...

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Q: Come si dice in Inglese (Stati Uniti)? とても悲しいです。




A: I am very sad.
Full House was my favorite drama that I always looked forward to watching every week when I was a kid.
I named the three stuffed bears in my house after them, the brown one was Danny, the black one was Jessie and the beige one was Joey.
I even wrote a letter to NHK when the last episode came out, saying, "Don't end it!" When the last episode came out, I sent a letter to NHK asking them not to end the show.
I also enjoyed watching the recent shows on Netflix. Too soon and too sad.
Q: Come si dice in Inglese (Stati Uniti)? 私が英語の勉強を始めたきっかけは、NHKのラジオ講座でした。
A: I started learning English after attending an NHK radio lecture.

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Q: "NHK" is the abbreviation for "Nippon Housou Kyoku", and it's a government-controlled media outlet/ a state-run broadcasting station. sembra naturale?
A: A public broadcasting station
Q: NHK is Japan's public broadcaster, like PBS in the United States.
sembra naturale?
A: Sounds good to me :)
Q: How do you call NHK 受信料 in English? NHK license fee or reception fees? Their official website calls it NHK receiving fee, and it does not feel right to me.
A: Maybe.. "NHK subscription fee"
Q: NHK's "amateur singing contest" is one of the longest-running TV program in Japan. 20 pairs appear in the 45-minute live program every Sunday afternoon. You first have to pass the screening contest on the previous day. Once, one bold woman, who was extremely busy taking care of her small children and couldn't find time to go to the venue, dialed the program's reception desk and started singing over the public phone. Unfortunately, she couldn't make it on the air. sembra naturale?
A: Nice! A few changes:

Make "program" plural in the first sentence

"20 pairs of people" in the second sentence. You need to define what the "pairs" are.

I would add "To get on the program, you first have to...." to make the third sentence flow better.

Last, you don't need to say "public phone", you can just say "phone"
Q: NHK is the only public broadcaster in Japan. The fee is 1,300 yen per month. The payment is virtually obligatory; everybody living in Japan is supposed to be watching NHK. There are some people, though, who refuse to pay, claiming they only watch private, free channels. When a fee collector visits their homes, some just pretend they're not home. sembra naturale?
A: Not only natural, but decently eloquent as well!

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