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Q: I am NHL(National hockey league) freak. I often watch NHL game through internet. I would like to know referee saying. What does he say?

They reviewed using video whether good goal or not. After that he explained their judge. But I could not catch what he said.

I heard it “upon video review the goal on ice we have good goal.”, But I think it wrong...
A: He said Upon further review the goals stands. we have a goal
Q: Per favore dimmi come si pronuncia I’m NHL(National Hockey League) fun. One of my favorite player is Jonathan Toews, he is the captain of Chicago Blackhawks. How do I pronounce his last name. please record your sound. Thank you. sorry,my hi-native has some wrong,so let me ask it again..
A: You could say it like this which is how it’s supposed to be said but everyone I know refers to him with my first voice recording. Either is fine, I hope this helped.
Q: Your favorite NHL team ?)
A: I dont watch hockey but the ones in the northern states like new york are popular

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