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Q: Che cosa significa or と nor の違いはなんですか??
A: norはorの反意語のようなのだ。

John or Mike can do it.

Niether John nor Mike could do it.

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Q: Qual è la differenza tra neither..... nor ..... e either.....or.... ?
A: Either... or... is used when the sentence is positive and-
Neither... nor... is used when the sentence is negative.

You can choose either ice cream or cake, but not both.

Neither he nor she knew the answer to the question.

I'm either the best bowler in the world or I'm getting lucky.

I give neither you nor your partner permission to use my work. (In this example the verb phrase "I give" is "positive" so as to not be double negatives. What I mean by that is that "I don't like neither him nor his friend" would be incorrect because the sentence would have double negatives. It would have to be "I like neither him nor his friend" 👍)

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Q: Come si dice in Inglese (Regno Unito)? "I don't belong to....nor...." or is it " I neither belong to....nor..." which one is correct?
Q: Come si dice in Inglese (Stati Uniti)? "
Is " Neither ~ nor " commonly used in a spoken language?
A: It's common. Its usage is pretty simple too. It means "both do not", but the sentence following it is written without the negative.

"Neither his mother nor his father was happy with his grades" =
"His mother and his father both were not happy with his grades"

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Q: You didn't say hello nor goodbye to them. It's bad manners.
sembra naturale?
A: "You didn't say hello or goodbye to them. That's bad manners" - This would probably be a more common way of saying it :)

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