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Q: In NPR news, I read a sentence: But it took a violent insurrection attempt on the nation’s capital before Twitter...
Why it uses [on] instead of [in]?
A: you use the preposition on with "attempt" when you are using the definition that means to try to take something. This definition pretty much always implies that someone tried to kill someone else, or something very close to that.

You could also use this

"There was an attempt on the king's life, but his guards saved him.

So, this sentence isn't saying that the nation's capital was the location, it is telling you that the victim of the violent insurrection was the nation's capital.

Q: I think I should probably listen to NPR podcasts more in order to adopt the standard American accent while warding off the influence of other accents I have gotten by living in the Philippines, Australia, and Japan. sembra naturale?
Q: As I listen to NPR, I notice the way Native speakers say things is totally different from what I have been taught, and by listening to it a lot, it has gradually changed the way I pronounce words in English. It feels like all the words are connected to each other instead of sounding staccato. sembra naturale?
A: Excellent. One small correction:

I notice that the way Native speakers say things..

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