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Q: What is "NRA vendor" (2nd paragraph)?

p.s. I know what "NRA" is.

His departure came after NRA Chief Executive Wayne LaPierre accused North of trying to oust him by threatening to release "damaging" information about him, according to a letter from LaPierre to NRA board members that was published by the Wall Street Journal on Friday.

North had told the NRA board last week he had formed a committee to investigate allegations, including one that LaPierre had received about $275,000 in wardrobe items paid for by an NRA vendor from 2004 to 2017, the newspaper reported.

The NRA board went into executive session during a meeting on Monday as it debated next steps, according to media reports.

The NRA, with more than 5 million members, is the most powerful and well-connected gun lobby in the United States. It has worked closely with legislators to protect firearms manufacturers from liability for gun violence and
A: A vendor is a person or company that sells something. an example is an ice cream vendor sells ice cream. So an "NRA vendor" would be a person or company that sells goods and is associated with the NRA.
Q: Why does NRA have such a dominant power in the US?
A: Because people love their guns, and they are scared the government is going to take them away (which naturally they would, if they could). Because of the sheer amount of popular support, the NRA has tremendous lobbying power.

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