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Q: Che cosa significa nuanced?
A: Hmm I'm not sure if subtle works. Maybe "complex" would work better.
Q: Che cosa significa nuanced (in this context) and please give me some examples ?
A: So in this context I'm not exactly sure because I don't know how the technology works that they are referring to, but it sounds like photography or possibly carbon-dating. In that case, being able to detect nuanced details would mean the technology would be of very high quality and able to capture very subtle differences with a lot of detail.
Q: Che cosa significa nuanced?
A: The implications for equities have more of a slight difference.
Q: Che cosa significa "nuanced" (adjective) at 1:15:36 in this video [ ]?
A: "Nuanced" means to be subtly (or slightly) different. I hope this helps!

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Q: Mostrami delle frasi esempio con nuanced.
A: "After oversimplifying a complex situation and seeing no useful results, he is now prepared to have a nuanced discussion about it."
Q: Mostrami delle frasi esempio con 'nuanced'.
A: Let’s take a nuanced approach to this problem.
The artist's work has grown more nuanced over the years.

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Q: Come si dice in Inglese (Stati Uniti)? can you give me some nuanced phrases to say ”how are you”
A: How are you doing?
How's it going?
How have you been? (past tense, depuis notre dernière conversation)

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Q: What is the closest nuanced word to "推し"?
A: 推しが弱いの推しでしょうか? I have a gross lack of 'bar presence' but that might not be understood even in a bar. Salinger used the phrase "out man," I think. "He could out-man anyone in the room" and that is associated (in me at least) with 推しが強い. "Persuasive". "She is very persuasive"はかならずしも言語だけではなく、推しにちかいかわかりません。逆にShe is easily persuadedも推しに弱いにちかいかな。She is a push-overは推しに弱いという意味です。
Q: What does "nuanced" in "nuanced conversations" mean? Is nuanced similar to multilateral?
A: “Nuanced conversations” means “subtle and often ‘appealingly complex’ conversations.”
I believe the main word here is “subtle.”

“Multilateral” simply means having many different sides or many different perspectives.
Q: What does "more nuanced" mean in the text?
A: when someone in the outside (a stranger) looks at her success, it seems wonderful. but behind the scenes (for the successful person), being successful was not completely a good thing. for example, being successful means you might have more stress or responsibilities, or maybe people are jealous of you and you lose friends
Q: What is the nuanced difference between 'at the moment' and 'in the moment'?
A: “at the moment” is just like saying “right now” “currently” etc. it’s not a very in depth phrase. this exact phrasing can only be used for situations in the present. (you can’t say “at the moment she was reading” without altering the meaning and making it a sentence fraction)

* “i’m not looking for a partner at the moment.”

* - “do you have the book ‘Paradise Lost’?”
- “not at the moment.”

* “at the moment i am taking the time to rest and relax.”

“in the moment” is more difficult to explain. it’s more of a mental state. it’s very focused and centered around experience or feeling, not preoccupied or distracted by something that isn’t right there with you, happening at that exact time. this exact phrasing can be used to refer to situations that are happening at any point in time.

* “you must learn to live in the moment!” — (it’s like saying you need to focus mostly on what’s happening to you then and there, rather than letting the past or future heavily affect how you act in the present.)

* “the decision was foolish, but i was really in the moment. it seemed right at the time.” — (the speaker wasn’t considering how the decision would impact them outside of the current time frame. it was impulsive, also called ‘spur-of-the-moment’ because they didn’t have their mind on anything but the present)

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