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Q: What is 'like I'm the numerator" supposed to mean in the following:
A: numerator is the top number on a fraction, above the line ^^
Q: What do "numerator" and "denominator" mean as words other than their definition in fraction.
I know that numerator is 2 and denominator is 5 in 2/5 (two fifth), but what do "to numerate" and "to denominate" mean? Also are these words used outside of fraction in math ?
A: The word 'denominator' is sometimes used outside mathematical context, as in the phrase "common denominator" which in non-mathematical terms usually refers to something that a group of things/people/events have in common/are linked by.

E.g. The common denominator linking this string of murders is that the victim's right shoe is always missing from the scene of the crime.

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