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Q: NWH Spoiler Warning ⚠️

I wrote my thoughts on Spider-Man.

The fun, funny atmosphere of Tom's version of Spidey is great!

How kind of him to heal the enemies of a different world: ......

And it's also the answer to Sam Raimi's Spider-Man and the Amazing Spider-Man series, although of course there are some twists and turns.
But that's the beauty of it.

And Dr. Strange's Mirror Dimension scene was amazing!

And the fight scene was fun to watch in 4D!
My back was smashed so hard, it was awesome.

And then Andrew Garfield came out with ...... Toby Maguire.
From there, it was like a dream come true.

In the scene where the three of them fight, the three of them fly in slow motion with the big moon in the background like the Amazing Spider-Man. ...... I'm gana cry!

When the three Peters turn to each other when they are called "Peter," it's like a Dream come true.

And, when Andrew Spidey caught MJ, I felt emotional, or happy, or, well, mixed feelings!

Anyway, it was awesome.

sembra naturale?
A: Great job! A few things:

gana = gonna (going to)
a few comma mistakes, but overall I understood it. I also enjoyed the movie! It was すごい!

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