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Q: Che cosa significa obscenity and the whole sentence in red?
A: It basically means that when the pilot was warned by the air traffic controller, the pilot did not take it seriously and responded with something like "F*** your mother."

"Obscenity" is a statement, depiction, or action that is extremely inappropriate and offensive.

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Q: Qual è la differenza tra obscenity e bawdry ?
A: Bawdry is a very old and unusual word, you won't hear it very often. Most often you will hear dirty, naughty, risque, etc instead. All of these are usually used as describing a joke or song which has sexual innuendo, but is not extremely graphic.

obscene/obscenity is for more graphic, unacceptable content (porn, very graphic rap lyrics, etc) . This can be both a legal term (some obscene content does not get 1st amendment protection), as well as a social term.

The difference between the two is subjective. A high class, religious, conservative old woman might think a regular dirty joke is obscene.

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