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Q: Che cosa significa ここでのwouldはどういう使い方ですか?
Oh,no Kat. I would let it go .?
A: 「だめだよ。私なら放っておくね。」

would は仮定法という使い方で、意味的にwill(ここでは「するつもり」という意志) なのですが、「現実には発生していない仮の話」という意味がプラスされます。

Q: Che cosa significa 뭐라고 말하고 있어요?
Oh yeah? I______get a cup.?
A: 아니에요
hope 이 부탁하려고 그러는 거면 도와달라고 하는 거잖아요
이것이 더 '도와줄게요' 그런 느낌이에요
제가 대답해드릴 수 있길 바랍니당 ^^
Q: Che cosa significa 내 언어교환 친구가 불면증으로 고생하고 있어서, 너무 안 됐다는 의미로
"Oh, poor Mary."라고 했는데 적절한가요??
A: Rather than that, it would be better to say: "I feel bad for Mary." If you are talking to Mary herself, then something like, "I'm sorry to hear that" would be good too.
Q: Che cosa significa "You don't look well... Let me see... Oh! You are clammy! Let's get you a blanket and a thermometer"?
A: Mi intento, por si lo quieres en español:

No te ves bien... Déjame ver... Ay, pero qué sudado/a y frío/a estás! Déjame conseguirte una manta y un termómetro.

Traduzionde di "Oh"

Q: Come si dice in Inglese (Stati Uniti)? 그렇구나를 Oh, i see. 말고 쓸 수 있는 말은 무엇인가요? 매번 Oh, I see만 사용했는데 다른말은 없을까요?
A: Got you
I get it
well, yes
fair enough
Q: Come si dice in Inglese (Stati Uniti)? 노르웨이는 총기를 허용한다

Oh I see, I heard Norway allows guns or Norway allow guns
A: Norway allows firearms
Q: Come si dice in Inglese (Regno Unito)? 我的天(Oh my god)
A: If it's to express shock (大吃一惊), you could say:
"Oh my goodness"
"Oh my god"
"What the f**k"

Some less commonly used phrases:
"What in the blazes"
"For the love of god"
"Goodness gracious me"

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Q: オーストリアの人に、



Oh! Australia is Summer now.
A: Oh (that's right)! It's Summer in Australia right now.

Australia = Summer (Australia is Summer) ×

The *season* (it) in Australia = Summer (It is Summer in Australia) ✓
Q: When is “ Oh shit” used?
In the movie, Hero shouted “Oh shit “when a big bird attacked him.
A: Typically when something bad is happening or about to happen. Being attacked by the bird in your example, would not be a good thing.
Q: what else can you say instead of "Oh, my God/ Oh, gosh" ?
A: oh boy, oh my, good Lord, goodness, good grief, holy smoke, holy toledo...
Q: How do you write Oh Sa Re Na in korean?. Thank you.
A: 오사레나
Q: Which sounds natural ?

* Oh, I forget to mention that...
* Oh, I forgot to mention that...
A: Oh,I forgot to mention that...

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