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Q: Qual è la differenza tra Older relatives e Elder relatives ?
A: You would not say "elder relatives".

Older relatives - relatives who are older.
Elderly relatives - relatives who are quite old.
Elders - people older than you, or senior figures or leaders.
Q: Qual è la differenza tra Elder e Older ?
A: good question! both "elder" and "older" are words that are used for people who were born before you. but if you say someone is "older" than you, they need to be old. if you say someone is "elder" than you, they don't need to be old. it only means they were born before you.
-I have an elder brother.
-My grandmother is older than my grandfather.
-My aunt is 30 years older than me.
-My best friend is 2 months elder than me.
-My backpack is older than yours.
🌸bonus: you can use "older" for almost everything. "elder" needs to be a person.
i hope this helps! 😊🦋
¡buena pregunta! "older" y "elder" son palabras que se utilizan para las personas que nacieron antes que usted. pero si dice que alguien es "older" que usted, debe ser mayor (debe tener entre 40 y 90 años). si dice que alguien es "elder" que usted, no es necesario que sea mayor. solo significa que nacieron antes que tú.
-Tengo un hermano mayor. (elder)
-Mi abuela es mayor que mi abuelo. (older)
-Mi tía tiene 30 años más que yo. (older)
-Mi mejor amigo es 2 meses mayor que yo. (elder)
-Mi mochila es más vieja que la tuya. (older)
🌸bonificación: puede utilizar "older" para casi todo. "elder" necesita ser una persona.
espero haberte ayudado! 😊🦋
Q: Qual è la differenza tra Older e Elder ?
A: Elder is a old person or a person older than you. Older can be used to talk about anyone's age.
Example: My grandfather is my elder.
My brother is older than me.
Q: Qual è la differenza tra Older e Elder ?
A: Older is an adjective

Elder is a noun

He is older than me

The Elders aren't as active as teens
Q: Qual è la differenza tra Elder e Older ?
A: Older is the comparative form of old (old, older, oldest). Elder is old person. A young person is a youth, an old person is an elder.

What is confusing is that elder can also be used as an adjective (just like older can).

As an adjective an older person can still be young: "John is older than Bob." (John may be 2 and Bob 1)

Occasionally you will see elder used in the same way but 99% of the time elder means an old person.

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Q: Older men and women who walked for six months showed improvements in white matter and memory.

What does white matter mean?
A: we have two types of "matter" or substances in our brain: white matter and grey matter.

white matter has mostly axons, the way nerves can communicate. So white matter helps our brain communicate with itself.

grey matter are the parts of the brain that have more somas, or cell bodies. it's basically where our brain does most of the thinking/processing.

So, in your example, walking helped the older people improve communication within their brain.
Q: Per favore dimmi come si pronuncia Older brother..
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: Older people are often helped having things carried for them. sembra naturale?
A: The only thing I think could be added for improvement is adding “by” between “helped” and “having” so the sentence becomes, “Older people are often helped by having things carried for them.”
Q: Older people sometimes say there are too much foreign tourists in Tokyo. Generally speaking, it is good for Japanese economy, but it causes some concerns that come from cultural differences such as littering. I don’t have legs to stand on because I’m in the tourism industry. sembra naturale?
A: The most part of it sounds good. But I don’t have legs to stand on is something you don’t say. I think you mean more like - I don’t have facts or proof- rather
Q: Older than we / older than us? sembra naturale?
A: 'Older than us' is correct. 'Older than we' isn't right.

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