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Q: Che cosa significa to orchestrate ?
A: In the context of your examples, 'to orchestrate' means 'to arrange' or 'to put together'
Q: Che cosa significa to orchestrate ?
A: In simple terms, pre-planned…something that has been put together to get a certain result/reaction. :)
Q: Che cosa significa orchestrate ?
A: It can also be used for things other than music, where it means plan, organise, arrange. I found this in the Collins dictionary

to arrange something carefully, and sometimes unfairly, so as to achieve a wanted result:
Their victory was largely a result of their brilliantly orchestrated election campaign.

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Q: Qual è la differenza tra orchestrate e organize ?
A: Orchestrate - more complex, like instruments in an orchestra or an elaborate scheme. This word is not used often in regular speech.

He wanted to orchestrate a secret agenda to climb to the top of his political career.

Organize - more general, simple. This word is extremely common, especially for Japanese culture!! 😁 ✨

I need to organize my room because it is messy.
I need to organize my folder into different categories.
Q: Qual è la differenza tra orchestrate e oeganize ?
A: You mean, orchestrate and organize?
Orchestrate means, arrange or score (music) for orchestral performance. And plan or coordinate the elements of (a situation) to produce a desired effect, especially surreptitiously.
Organize means, arrange systematically; order. And make arrangements or preparations for (an event or activity).

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