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Q: Mostrami delle frasi esempio con outings.
A: The school arranges several outings a year for its students.
I always enjoy my family outings.

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Q: Come si dice in Inglese (Regno Unito)? How natural does it sound “I used to have outings for a day every weekend”
A: It doesn't sound natural at all but it's not easy to say why. You can have outings but 'have' suggests possession and you don't really possess an outing. Go on outings would sound better. Also outings is a strange choice of word. Its old fashioned and informal. To me it suggests old ladies making small trips. Outings plural does not sound good with for a day singular. In fact the whole for a day thing sounds unnecessary and a bit weird. "I used to go on outings every weekend" would sound much better. The way you have phrased it with "used to have" instantly makes me want to ask you why you stopped. What happened? Sorry to be critical

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Q: I enjoyed small outings with my family this weekend.
On Saturday, we drove to one of the famous shrines in Nagano , which is a memorable place for us as my oldest son had a baby blessed called Omiyamairi back in 2014. Not many people were in the spot at the time we reached . The location is said to be the center of Japan geologically. The place has a feeling of calmness and good vibes.
On our way home, we dropped by a fruit shop and bought freshly squeezed smoothies. My battery is now charged for a coming new week! sembra naturale?
A: @john_ome thank you 😊
Q: Only critical outings are allowed but anything other than that is not allowed. sembra naturale?
A: Good job! I would use the word "essential" rather than "critical" though.
Q: We are avoiding nonessential outings .So
my younger brother work hard on his training and stretch in home.
I have to learn from him. sembra naturale?
A: × We are avoiding nonessential outings .
✓ We are avoiding nonessential outings.

× my younger brother work hard on his training and stretch in home.
✓ my younger brother has been training hard and stretching at home.

Tell me if you need any clarification =)

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