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Q: Che cosa significa goes into overdrive?
A: It means to push yourself past your limits with an energetic connotation.

I think the term comes from racing (or computers).
Q: Che cosa significa overdrive?
A: It's a gear in your car that helps conserve gas, when you're driving at high speeds (on an interstate highway).
Q: Che cosa significa overdrive?
A: In what context?
Q: Che cosa significa Overdrive in "the cast were in overdrive, rehearsing for the first performance." ?
A: ultrapassagem, ou seja, com mais energia e urgência do que o normal
Q: Che cosa significa overdriving the amp’?
A: To turn up the gain on an amplifier to high levels, causing distortion.

Overdriving a guitar amp, for example, is how the typical distorted guitar sound in rock music is created.

Frasi esempio "Overdrive"

Q: Mostrami delle frasi esempio con overdrive .
A: He put the gears into overdrive.
The spaceship's engine went into overdrive.
Q: Mostrami delle frasi esempio con overdrive .
A: Overdrive: to accelerate something or increase intensity or power.

For example:
"Let's put this party into overdrive"

"Before an exam, my study routine goes into overdrive."

"When he saw me with my ex boyfriend, his jealousy was in overdrive."

"I'm in overdrive after my second coffee for the day!"
Q: Mostrami delle frasi esempio con in overdrive.
A: My mind is in overdrive. (thinking too much)
Q: Mostrami delle frasi esempio con in overdrive.
A: 1. “My mind was in overdrive when I saw the exam paper”
2. “My emotions were in overdrive when he told me he liked me too”
It’s also common to say “went into overdrive”, for example “When I saw the exam paper, my mind went into overdrive

Traduzionde di "Overdrive"

Q: Come si dice in Inglese (Stati Uniti)? overdrive
A: No problem! It depends if your being literal or not. In that sentence, the word “overdrive” is being use figuratively. A literal overdrive is an object used in mechanics.

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Q: I was on overdrive. sembra naturale?
A: I would say 'i went into overdrive' instead

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