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Q: Che cosa significa Summon.

When you’re overworked and overwhelmed, the motivation to have dinner with a friend versus turning on Netflix and eating pizza with your spouse can be hard to summon.
A: To summon: to order someone to come to a place.

To summon up courage, motivation etc. is to suggest that you are not without it, but it is buried deep and possibly in scant supply, and needs to be brought to the surface.

It is hard to summon up motivation when the hourly wage is so low.

Frodo had to summon up all his courage in order to throw the ring into the fires.
Q: Che cosa significa overworked?
A: overworked = means when you're doing too much of your ability. like say you're doing 5 essays at once and you're extremely tired. you're overworked. or when you work say 5 days a week. you're overworked

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Q: Mostrami delle frasi esempio con overworked.
A: -The football players have been overworked during practice.
-The bread dough has been overworked.
-Overwork can cause stress in your life.

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Q: I’m overworked.
I’m being overworked.
I’ve been overworked.

Which one is correct?
Which one is more spoken?
A: It depends on the content, really.
Q: Recently I have been overworked from my company for 3 years. sembra naturale?
A: If you are going to say recently, then don't add 3 years, because that's not recent. You can say, "For the past three years, my company has overworked me."

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