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Q: Che cosa significa pacifist?
A: Someone who believes that war and violence is always wrong.
Q: Che cosa significa to be a pacifist ?
A: To be peaceful and not enjoy fighting.
Q: Che cosa significa pacifist constraints on the Self-Defense Forces?
A: Pacifist means peaceful, or someone that does not want war. Constraints means to stop or prevent something from happening. Self-defense forces is the military that protects their country. So the people who want peace are preventing or stopping the military from making war to defend themselves

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Q: Qual è la differenza tra A pacifist is somebody who is against war. e A pacifist is against war. ?
A: Those two sentences hold the same meaning. You can use either of them

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Q: 1. A pacifist is somebody who is against war.
2. A pacifist is a person who is against war. sembra naturale?
A: There is no difference.
Q: Was he a pacifist? sembra naturale?
A: Sounds good to me.
Q: If you are a pacifist, why would you support troops, whose willingness to fight makes war possible? sembra naturale?
A: Sounds very academic!
Q: As a pacifist and strong opponent of nuclear proliferation, I sincerely hope that President Obama visits the Peace Park in Hiroshima. sembra naturale?
A: When talking about someone else I believe "visits" would be used as in
"President Obama visits the Peace Park"

You could have also used "pays a visit to" to sound more formal

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