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Q: Che cosa significa Paddy?
A: It can mean several things.
1- As a name, "Paddy" is a nickname for "Patrick", usually used in Ireland.
2- A paddy field is a field flooded with water, mostly used for growing rice.

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Q: "Paddy was harvested from three randomly selected 4.0 m² areas in each treatment. "

Which does this sentence mean whether "the total of three randomly selected areas is 4.0m² in each treatment" or "the total of three randomly selected areas is 12.0m² in each treatment"?
A: This sentence means that the total of three randomly selected areas is 12.0m² in each treatment.
Q: "He is Paddy's son. And that's (pointing other 2 kids) should be the other 2."
Why is it "that's"? I'd say "those are" rather than using singular form..
A: It's because "that's" is a quick and easy contraction and there is no contraction for "those are", so even though it's wrong to use it for the plural, some speakers will and do use it. Note that no one would say "that is the other two", it's only ever used in contraction form with a plural noun (if indeed it is used).

For example, I would very easily say something like "that's the last three bottles" or "those are the last three bottles", but never "that is the last three bottles".

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