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Q: Che cosa significa patriotic?
A: Patriotic is someone who loves their country
Q: Che cosa significa patriotic?
A: Patriotic is an adjective form of patriot which means devotion, love, respect towards his/her own mother nation/country. Better say nationalistic.
Q: Che cosa significa patriotic ?
A: it means a person who is loyal and dedicated to one's country.

For example Sam is a patriotic Australian. Here petriotic tells us that Sam is devoted to his country that is Australia.

Q: Che cosa significa patriotic?
A: A person who "loves" his/her country..

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Q: Mostrami delle frasi esempio con patriotic.
A: Although I was born in America I do not feel very patriotic probably because the state that I live in is a melting pot of many island cultures and When I was little it was mandatory to stand and say our pledge to our flag but I never understood the sentiment of pledging my life and allegiance to a territory when I feel I am part of a whole world

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