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Q: Che cosa significa a pedestrian lecture?
A: As an adjective, pedestrian means boring.
Q: Che cosa significa pedestrian?
A: Depending on the context of the sentence it can mean different things.
More commonly the word "pedestrian" is referring to "people"
For example: When driving a car you might say, "Watch out for pedestrians."
Another meaning for "Pedestrian" could be "basic, average, lackluster"
For example: If you were out shopping, and didn't like a item, you could say "That is so pedestrian."
When you use it that way it's almost like saying that whatever you just called pedestrian is beneath you.
Q: Che cosa significa pedestrian
A: In areas where there are cars, people who are travelling by foot are called pedestrians.

Example: "Be careful of the pedestrians when you're making a right turn on this street."

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Q: Mostrami delle frasi esempio con pedestrian.
A: There are a lot of pedestrians walking in the middle if the street!

The cars only stop at designated pedestrian crossings.

He used to be a exciting designer, but his latest collections have been very pedestrian
Q: Mostrami delle frasi esempio con pedestrian.
Pedestrian can be a noun or an adjective.

① Pedestrian (noun) = 歩行者
Example: Two pedestrians were injured when the car skidded. (車が横になったときに2人の歩行者が負傷した。)

② Pedestrian (adj) = 単調な
Example: Life in the suburbs is pretty pedestrian. (郊外での生活はかなり単調です。)
Q: Mostrami delle frasi esempio con pedestrian.
A: Some useful slang would be the phrase: "X is a bit pedestrian" where X can be a noun or verb you find commonplace and boring.

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Q: Qual è la differenza tra pedestrian e passenger ?
A: A pedestrian is someone who is walking on the street. Passenger is someone who is traveling in a vehicle, train, plane, ship, etc.. but is not driving it “Watch out, there’s a pedestrian right there,” said the passenger.
Q: Qual è la differenza tra pedestrian e walker ?
A: @somagumi usually we don’t use the term walker to refer to people, a walker could be a term for a metal brace-stand old people use to help them walk. Or a street-walker can mean prostitute.
In general, it’s pedestrian.
Q: Qual è la differenza tra pedestrian e walker ?
A: I would use the word pedestrian when a person is walking across the street where there are traffic signals.
The driver in the yellow car yielded to the pedestrian to use the crosswalk safely.

Walker would describe a person who isn’t taking a vehicle.
My son does not take the school bus home because he is a walker.

There are other meanings for pedestrian and walker.

A person who has trouble walking uses a walker because it is more sturdy than a cane.

Pedestrian also can mean commonplace. Henry’s sentences are too pedestrian.
Q: Qual è la differenza tra (pedestrian crossing) e (zebra crossing) ?
A: Basically the same thing. I think a zebra cross is when there are black and white lines painted on the floor.... but not all pedestrian crossings have that

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Q: Come si dice in Inglese (Stati Uniti)? đường sách (pedestrian zone with a lots of book store)
A: English has no word for that.
Q: Come si dice in Inglese (Regno Unito)? pedestrian
A: You can listen to the word "pedestrian" on the Oxford Learner's Dictionary.
Q: Come si dice in Inglese (Stati Uniti)? pedestrian
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: Come si dice in Inglese (Stati Uniti)? pedestrian
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: Come si dice in Inglese (Stati Uniti)? pedestrian
A: Hope this helps!

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Q: "Be very careful with walking pedestrian when you drive toughly." is this great and natural? feel free to correct me!
A: “Be careful of pedestrians when you drive recklessly” I’m not sure if recklessly is the word you were looking for but no one would say use toughly
Q: A few pedestrians carrying their evening shopping sheltered from the rain in doorways. sembra naturale?
A: A few pedestrians shopping in the evening. They shelter themselves from the rain under door ways.
Q: ”I want you to tell me how you ask pedestrians to take detour because of some construction in really polite way when you were in charge of the work.” sembra naturale?
A: In speech I would say. "I recommend you avoid area X due to construction and take detour Y. If you were posting a sign. "construction ahead, please take detour Y."
Q: While I was walking, pedestrians overtaked me and said, "Good morning! Great on your tail!"(I think one of them said that.
What does "Great on your tail" mean?
A: Great on your tailはおそらく聞き間違いですね。意味がありません。

Q: There is a pedestrian street one block down from the house, called “Blai”, and it is plenty of cafes where you can wait in the meantime. sembra naturale?
A: This would be a better way to say it "There is a sidewalk one block down from a house. It has lots of cafes where you can wait."

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