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Q: Che cosa significa Pete Buttigieg‘s speech:

In The sentence, “We sent a Message to every kid out there wondering if whatever marks them out as different means they are somehow destined to be less than“,

as different means
A: to mark someone out as ~ = to say or show that someone is ~

whatever marks them out as different = all the characteristics and traits that make them different from other people
Q: Che cosa significa "Pete Wentz, huh? How old school T.R.L. of you." What did he mean? Put it in other words please?
A: Pete Wentz? I can't believe you mentioned someone who was famous so long ago (when the show TRL was on MTV)
Q: Che cosa significa I'm over my break-up with Pete.?
A: It means the person was in a relationship with Pete but it ended, which is why it is a break-up. Being 'over' a break-up means you have healed and don't feel any negative feelings about the break-up and are ready to move on in life and look for a new relationship, the break-up isn't a problem in your life anymore.

Hope that helps!
Q: Che cosa significa "Oh for Pete's sake"?
A: It's kind of like "oh for gods sake" or "oh for crying out loud". But Pete can been seen as pity or saint pete. But it's just an expression

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Q: Mostrami delle frasi esempio con Pete is _____ too heavy.He should not eat so much.(A)very (B)still (C)really (D)only

The answer is C,I just wonder why “still “ is wrong.

A: B and C could both be the answer, depending on the context...

B is more long term. For example, if Pete is a cheerleader and he wants to be on top of the pyramid formation but he weighs too much, you could say “Pete is still too heavy”. This means that you already knew Pete was too heavy, and now are saying it again at a later time.

C places more emphasis on Pete being heavy. Saying “really too” is redundant, and wouldn’t be used in a formal paper. However, it can be used in everyday conversation with an emphasis placed on either “really” or “too” in order to show that Pete is overly heavy

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Q: What do you think of Pete? sembra naturale?
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: Oh for Pete's sake 에 제일 가까운 한국어 표현은 뭐가 있을까요?
A: Oh for Pete’s sake = “아놔 진짜! -_-“ “아 좀!”
그나마 좀 가까운 표현이 아닐까요? ^^
Q: Pete cannot breathe. He hears wildlife a few feet away. Pete hears feet: big feet! "Please let it not be a real beast!". pleads Pete. sembra naturale?
A: ok. Anytime~~ :D
Q: If Pete pass or passes his exams, his parents will give him a new iPod .

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