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Q: Che cosa significa The phrasel verb "be up" ?
A: There are a few meanings of that. You might wish to check this
Lots of examples too.
Q: Che cosa significa phrasel verbs are GET IN, GET OUT , TAKE OFF, COME IN, GIVE UP etc...

Could Anyone send me some of the most common phrasel verbs?

I Dont know much about them! ?
A: with get I knew some phrasel verbs but with give I knew less. Thanks for helping me with that. It really helped me.
Q: Che cosa significa "indeed" in

we indeed use phrasel verbs ?
A: De hecho
En efecto

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Q: Mostrami delle frasi esempio con the phrasel verb, make up..
A: thanks, but I needed the "phrasel verb" version. pls.

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Q: Come si dice in Inglese (Stati Uniti)? Why sometimes phrasel verbs won't change to the past tense? ex: I get out of work. (why sometimes ppl don't say it in th e past - I got out?)
A: if someone says “i get out of work at 5” they either mean it will happen at 5 that same day, or they mean it happens at 5 every day.

you can say “i got out at 5”. but that means it happened already, once, today, at 5.

if you mean to say that in the past, every day work ended at 5, you would say “i USED TO get out at 5”.

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Q: Could you list the most common and important phrasel verbs?
A: There are nearly 3000 of them with over 3500 meanings! We use them a lot so it is difficult to choose a limited number...
Q: This phrasel verbs are splitable?

pick up
catch on
run into
hold on
keep on
A: Sure, but sometimes it changes the meaning, sometimes not. "I have to pick something up at my office. I have to pick up something at my office." Same meaning. "Did he catch on to what you were suggesting? Did you catch up on what your team is doing?" Different meanings. But don't be afraid to split these up if it helps.
Q: regularly do you avoid to use phrasel verbs? or is it already part of your speech? sembra naturale?
A: Do you avoid using phrasal verbs regularly? or are they already a part of your speech?

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