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Q: Che cosa significa Your pitching is far superior to mine?
A: You are a much better pitcher than I am. This is referring to baseball.
Q: Che cosa significa pitching up?
A: To pitch up means to arrive somewhere, especially late or without planning.
- You can't just pitch up and expect to get in without a ticket.
Q: Che cosa significa pitching ability.?
A: "pitching" has two definitions:
1) to throw something
2) to persuade someone

"ability" means whether you can do something or not.

"pitching ability"
1) how well you can throw something
2) how well you can persuade someone

example sentence:
1) He had to retire from playing baseball because he lost his pitching ability.

example sentence:
2) The salesman was fired by his boss because his pitching ability sucks.
Q: Che cosa significa ''pitching your boss''?
A: to pitch is to make a suggestion, or a proposal... you might pitch an idea to your boss, but I've never heard of "pitching your boss"

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Q: What does "pitching" mean below? Does it mean like "focus to" or so?

・Companies are "pitching" facial recognition software as the future of everything from retail to policing.
・A start-up in San Francisco is "pitching" a reinvention of the retail experience

Thank you.
A: To pitch = to present an idea (usually a business idea or new innovation)
- The entrepreneur pitched her business plan to the investors, but none of them ended up investing.
- I'm going to pitch my movie idea to Disney. Maybe they'll hire me.
- The business pitched their new product idea to their stakeholders and everyone loved it.
Q: His pitching form is comparable to Randy Johnson's one. sembra naturale?
A: "His pitching form is comparable to Randy Johnson's." No need to say "one" since it's clear that you're referring to his pitching form :)
Q: Your pitching is major leaguers! sembra naturale?
A: ごめん。間違った。"Your pitching is major league quality." or better "Your pitching is as good as a major leaguer."

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