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Q: Mostrami delle frasi esempio con enough . pleaseee.
Q: Mostrami delle frasi esempio con pleaseee help me
how can i use superlative form (est)
give some exemples...please.
A: Mhm, so basically adjectives with one to two syllables work with -(i)er and -(i)est

clear - clearer - clearest

pretty - prettier - prettiest

Adjectives with 3 or more syllables use more and most

beautiful - more beautiful - most beautiful

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Q: can you help me with that????? pleaseee
A: 1. Will you retire by the time you’re 60.

2. Next year, I will study maths at university

3.Hurry up! The film will start soon.

4. There won’t be anyone in the office. Everyone will have gone home.

5. Julie will not work this time next week. She’ll be on holiday!

6. I’m only halfway through my homework. I will not finish it before the teacher leaves.

7. Do you think that Les will fix the car by tomorrow?

8. Don’t phone me before 8 o’clock, we will have dinner.

Q: Correct it pleaseee. Smoking leads to a lot of consequences. In the top of that smoking is the source of healths problems that in some case can be the cause of details like the cancer. Moreover, the smokers became addicted and then buy more than one paquet, this is a big waste of money since if we collect the money we spend in the cigarette, we will earn a big some. In addition, the passive smokers are affected more than the smokers it's proved since they consomme all the C02. To conclude, I think that smoking has many causes that lead to many serious effects that's why it's better to stay away from that and encourage the young not to smoke by organizing some conference showing them the effects of smoking, showing them how a smokers don't smoke and how it was possible. If we are welder we can solve this problem
A: Smoking leads to a lot of problems which can lead to serious consequences. On top of that smoking can cause some serious health problems such as lung cancer. Moreover, it’s addictive and those that are addicted buy multiple packets. This is a big waste of money, if we were to collect all the money spent on cigarettes we will come up with a rather big sum. In addition, people who do not intend to smoke get the smokers second hand smoke. This is more harmful than smoking the cigarette because they consume all the CO2. In conclusion, smoking is harmful not only to the smoker but to people just passing by too. It has very serious consequences that could lead to the determination of your health. It's better to stay away from smoking and encourage the youth to not smoke by organizing a conference showing them the effects of smoking and have ex-smokers tell their story of their journey to how they quit smoking. If we are more knowledgeable about this subject we can solve this problem.
Q: pleaseee
A: 1-had to copy
2-can’t do
3-must stop
4-will be allowed to disrupt
5-must value
6-will have to open
7-were able to stop
8-I’ve got to do
9-can manage
Q: pleaseee help me😞😞😞😞
A: 6. "We travel to the future if we have a time machine" Or "we have a time machine if we travel to the future" but they still sound abit odd

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