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Q: Che cosa significa sleek ponytail?
A: It means a smooth ponytail. I means that when you tie your hair at the back of the head, the hair falls down smoothly, there is no stray hair sticking out. A ponytail that looks polished, well arranged.

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Q: Mostrami delle frasi esempio con ponytail / pigtail.
A: She had her hair done in pigtails.

The girl 's pigtails swing as she runs.

Claire's auburn hair was tied back in a ponytail.

Her long, blonde hair was in a ponytail down her back.

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Q: Qual è la differenza tra ponytail e pigtail ?
A: Both ponytails and pigtails are hair that is pulled together and held in place with a band.

A ponytail is on the back of your head. Pigtails are on the sides of your head.
A person only has one ponytail. People usually wear two pigtails at once.
Ponytails are not braided. Pigtails are sometimes braided.

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Q: Come si dice in Inglese (Regno Unito)? make a ponytail on your hair
A: You say it like this:

“put your hair into a ponytail”

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Q: You look good with a ponytail.
A ponytail suits you better.
Are both correct?
A: Yes, but #2 is a comparison.
'A ponytail suits you' is closer to 'you look good with a ponytail'
Q: It suits you to wear a ponytail
It's suitable for you to wear a ponytail
Are both correct?
A: Both are correct, but they have a slightly different meaning.

It suits you is more to say that it fits them and makes them look better. E.g. the ponytail makes the person look better in their appearance.

If something is suitable, it’s more meant as “right” or “appropriate.” E.g. it is appropriate in the current situation for them to wear a ponytail.
Q: Which one is correct?

She likes to have/ use/ wear/ a ponytail
Q: has she got ponytail? sembra naturale?
A: "Does she have a ponytail?" or "She has a ponytail?" either of those work.

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