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Q: Che cosa significa "Is the Pope catholic?" e
"nailed It"?
A: Is the pope Catholic? = A sarcastic reply to a very obvious statement.
Nailed it. = Praise for doing something very well.
Q: Che cosa significa we have a Pope?

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Q: Qual è la differenza tra "the Pope" e "the Holy Roman Emperor" ?
A: The Pope is the leader of the Catholic Church. The Holy Roman Emperor is the leader of the Holy Roman Empire.

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Q: Come si dice in Inglese (Stati Uniti)? "Pope Julius II" How do you read the 2 part?
A: You would say, "Pope Julius the Second."

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Q: But Pope Francis, whose papacy is being tested by an avalanche of sex abuse scandals from around the globe, has yet to publicly talk about the report. In Pennsylvania, lawmakers are considering expanding statues of limitations so more victims can seek justice.

What dose 'statues of limitations' mean in the above sentence? Typo??
A: "Statute of limitations" is a legal term, for the amount of time you are able to claim a crime has been committed, and bring the accused to court.

Lesser crimes tend to have a shorter statute of limitations, while more serious crimes like murder do not.
Q: The Pope dangled a carrot before the soldiers of Christendom, ensuring that there would be nobody who couldn't survive the wars against Muslim countries. sembra naturale?
A: Much better! My only comment would be that in English, we don't typically say "much money" except in the negative, e.g. "My family doesn't have much money."

I would change it to "The Pope dangled a carrot before the soldiers of Christendom, ensuring that they would attain great wealth if they could survive the wars against Muslim countries."
Q: 1. Pope Francis prays for world’s suffering children on Christmas

2. Pope Francis prays for world’s suffered children on Christmas

The above sentence is a title from an article.

Is the sentence number 2 is wrong/unnatural?

sembra naturale?
A: Sentence number 2 is not correct.
Q: Pope Francis said that it would be a serious delusion to think that allowing so much sex in the internet would protect minors. sembra naturale?
A: Just change "in the internet" to "on the internet", and your sentence will be completely natural!

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