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Q: Che cosa significa every pore of you?
A: Pores are the small holes in your skin where sweat comes out. "I hate every pore of you" is not a common expression, but it means I hate everything about you.
Q: Che cosa significa pore over?
A: Pour over means to dump on top of.

Like what you do with syrup on pancakes, or gravy on potatoes.
Q: Che cosa significa black head..
pore strip?
A: This is “blackhead pore strip”.
Q: Che cosa significa pore it up?
A: "pour it up" is slang for fill the cup with alcohol/liquor

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Q: Come si dice in Inglese (Stati Uniti)? I want to navigate in every pore of your skin and drink all the nectar of your lips

¿is this correct in native English?? or how can i say that? I want it to hearing romantic. Muchas gracias
A: "I want to touch/feel every part of your skin, and drink the nectar off of your lips."

with 'touch' or 'feel', you can pick what feels more natural for you, yourself.

and also "I want it to [sound] romantic.".... is the correct wording for that sentence...

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Q: Per favore dimmi come si pronuncia poor
A: @thetrees oh dear.. i see. thanks alot! :)
Q: Per favore dimmi come si pronuncia poor, pore, pour .
A: "Poor"
Living with none to little money:
• "We are [poor]."

The micro dents on our skin:
• "People wash their face to clean their [pores] out."

To transfer water into another glass or setting, raining:
• "We [pour] water into the case."
• "The rain was [pouring] down."

They all sound alike when spoken, but mean different things written out.
Q: please pore some coffee into my cup sembra naturale?
A: Pure / pore❌

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