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Q: Che cosa significa precision?
A: In that case, I expect the intent is that the broadcast is very detailed, though it could also mean that the broadcast is accurate. It rather depends on the full context of the sentence. :)
Q: Che cosa significa You depend on precision. You depend on reliability. Both are an extension of your craft. And your craft is an extension of you.?
A: In this instance, it is indicating that both precision and reliability are a very important part of what you do, so the phrase ‘an extension of your craft’ indicates that your work/trade is made more important than other people’s work and would be diminished without it. Said another way, without precision and reliability, your work/trade would be less significant.

Other contexts are slightly different.

Example: Her long history of Track and Field awards are an extension of the University’s demanding athletic program.

Example: The Corporation’s quiet involvement in the city’s Planning and Permits Department is an extension of the power and corruption of the Corporation.
Q: Che cosa significa fold with precision?
A: Fold with precision means you fold something very accurately so that the outcome is almost perfect
Q: Che cosa significa continued precision?
A: That sentence is very buzzword-heavy and doesn't really convey anything important apart from that he thinks the B-52 is a good bomber plane.

I guess he means that the B-52 has been precise in it's ability to bomb things, and that it will continue to be precise compared to anything that might come out in the future (however precision is measured).

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Q: Mostrami delle frasi esempio con precision.
A: 1. This car was designed with precision engineering. 2. Our plans have been drawn up with absolute precision.
Q: Mostrami delle frasi esempio con precision.
A: The elephant picked the china cup from the table with the highest precision.

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Q: Qual è la differenza tra If your precision is even slightly off, e If your accuracy is even slightly off, ?
A: Many people use the words "precision" and "accuracy" interchangeably, but they actually have different meanings.

"Precision" basically refers to how specific a measurement is (or how narrowly targeted something is). For example, 3.1416 is more precise than 3.1 because 3.1416 is more specific.

"Accuracy" basically refers to how correct a measurement is or how far something is away from the desired target.

So if a measurement has high precision and low accuracy, that means it's very specific but also very wrong. For example if I say Pi is 3.5794762, that number is highly precise but it's not accurate.

If a measurement has high accuracy and low precision, that means it's correct, but it's not very specific or it's correct within a general range. For example, if I say Pi is 3.1, that number is accurate (correct) but it's not very precise since it isn't that specific (it doesn't provide many decimal places).
Q: Qual è la differenza tra precision e accuracy ?
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: Qual è la differenza tra precision e accurate ?
A: Come back home by 10 pm precisely. 정확히 밤 10시까지

I don't think this answer is accurate. 정답
Q: Qual è la differenza tra precision e accuracy ?
A: From a mathematical perspective, it's like this:

Accuracy is how correct an answer is
Precision is how specific the answer is

3.14 is an *accurate* approximation of pi but is not very precise.

3.1427841 is a more precise approximation of pi, but is inaccurate

3.1415926 is an accurate and (more) precise approximation of pi.
Q: Qual è la differenza tra precision e accuracy ?
A: This picture describes the difference pretty well.

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Q: Per favore dimmi come si pronuncia Precision and determinacy are a necessary requirement for
all meaningful scientific debate, and progress in the sciences
is, to a large extent, the ongoing process of achieving ever
greater precision..
A: let me know if you need me to talk slower
Q: 1. With the precision of a surgeon.
2. With surgical precision.

Which one is more accurate and natural?
A: Both are natural, 2 sounds more eloquent
Q: I think it's the precision of detailed work to be effective as a researcher dealing with laboratory mice. For example, we must take blood samples from thin veins in tails of adult mice. We inject drugs into very thin veins in faces of infant mice. A microscope is often needed to make sure that the injection is correct. To keep my work precise, concentration is important. Concentration is not a physical technique, but it's an important talent. My past experience as a neonatologist has certainly improved my concentration. sembra naturale?
A: It’s sounds good, but maybe next time add the word “the” in some places, such as: into “the” faces of adult mice, and into “the” tails of mice
Q: "To a precision of one one-thousandth of a second."
Is "one one-thousandth" the same as "a thousand"? Why repeat "one"?
A: One-thousandth of a second is a specific amount of time. In numbers, it is 0.001 seconds. The "one" is repeated to indicate how many of that specific amount of time. It makes more sense when you realize that you would say "two one-thousandths of a second" (0.002) or "five one-thousandths of a second" (0.005).

You would not say "Ten one-thousandths of a second" (0.010) because that changes the decimal place. You would say "One one-hundredth of a second" (0.01).
Q: She's going to buy a precision scales so as to keep her weight under strict control. sembra naturale?
A: She's going to buy a precision scale (so as) to keep her weight under control.

The "so as" is implied.

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