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Q: Che cosa significa Preface?
A: It’s an introduction or quick explanation to what you’re going to talk about.

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Q: Qual è la differenza tra Preface e Foreword e Introduction ?
A: The preface is something written by the author of the book with information that may or may not pertain to the book (usually about why the book was written and how it came into being along with some extra information that makes the book easier to understand). It's located at the beginning of the book and is usually mean to be read before reading.

A forward is essentially the same thing but written by someone who isn't the author. This could be an editor, a publisher, etc and will usually give either some information on the book like the preface or talk about what the person thinks about the book and why you too would enjoy it. Basically they're trying to get you interested in the book.

An introduction introduces the reader to what they're about to read, the subject of the book, so that the reader knows what to expect when they actually start reading the book. It could be some additional text that isn't quite in the book but still relates to it, such as the introduction in The Scarlet Letter which provides a frame for the main story.

It usually seems like a waste of time, but reading the forward, preface, and introduction (if it's included) before reading the book usually helps in understanding the book while reading it.

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Q: Preface 를 서문 의 뜻으로 책에 많이 쓰나요?

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