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Q: Che cosa significa He made no pretense of great musical knowledge.

Not sure of the meaning of this sentence, especially the part “no pretense of”
Thank you in advance. ?
A: A “pretense” can be a big act or speech, a “pretense” is also something fake or full of lies

So if he makes no pretense of great musical knowledge, then he is not making a big show of how much he knows about music, he is also not lying and or pretending he knows more about music then he does

So if he is not doing any of those things, we are meant to assume that he is being humble about how much he knows about music.
Q: Che cosa significa false pretenses?
A: It’s a legal term: >> false representations concerning past or present facts that are made with the intent to defraud another;
>> the crime of obtaining title to another's property by false pretenses (Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary)
Q: Che cosa significa on the pretense of something ?
A: "Pretence" is the noun form of "pretend".

I did "A" on the pretence that I was doing "B". = I pretended that I was doing "B", but really I was doing "A".

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Q: Mostrami delle frasi esempio con pretense .
A: “She was there under false pretenses”
“I tried to keep up the pretense that everything was fine”

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Q: pretense sembra naturale?
A: pretense is a word.
Q: "I made no pretense as if I'm cool" sembra naturale?
A: "I didn't pretend that I'm cool" I hope this helps
Q: Maybe it's a pretense sometimes for some people, can't always really know the minds ... I think that is valid for other countries too, anyway the feeling of the facade is what is important for most people (or "what matters to" ❓) sembra naturale?
A: Maybe some people show a false front. One can't always read other people's minds.
I think this is valid in other countries too. Anyway, outward appearance is what matters most to the majority of people.

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