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Q: Qual è la differenza tra to proffer e to offer ?
A: They basically mean the same thing!
Apparently proffer may be a little more polite.

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Q: What does "proffer" mean in this context?

With U.S. prosecutors considering whether to charge President Donald Trump’s former fixer, Cohen’s lawyers may reach out to the U.S. attorney in Manhattan for a so-called proffer meeting, where their client would confidentially detail his knowledge of any crimes committed by him or others, legal experts said.
The goal: Win a cooperation agreement that might save him from prison.
A: proffer = offer, usually refers to the physical act of holding something out for the other party to take. While I've never heard this legal term before, it's easy to imagine that "proffer meeting" is where information is offered and handed over.
Q: I will meet a proffer from London on 19th next month,and anyone can help me to correct these sentences?What should I talk about with him when we go back to the hotel in the taxi?these two sentences is right?please help me to correct,thank you!

Nice to meeting you! Welcome to Beijing!
How long did it take from London to Beijing by airplane?
Is this a direct flight or transfer flight? sembra naturale?
A: "nice to meet you! welcome to beijing!" instead of "nice to meeting you! welcome to beijing!"

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