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Q: Che cosa significa props?
A: Props can be credit or the respect you give to someone for something.
Ex. He got major props for writing such a great story.
She's got my props for doing that for sure!

This would be slang.

Prop can also mean supporting by placing something somewhere, this would be a verb here used with the word "up".
Ex. She propped her head up on the table.
The book was propped up on the wall.

Props (plural noun) can also be those items you see on stage in a play or musical as part of decorating the set for effect.
Q: Che cosa significa you are props to the movie ?

Props are things – inanimate objects – which movie actors use in their roles. Anything from the helicopter to a coffee cup.

This sentence is saying that you are not like an actor in a movie. You are like a prop – to be used by the actors.
Q: Che cosa significa props to pharah, mercy (in game chat)
what does 'props' mean??
A: A combination of good job and thank you
Q: Che cosa significa props?
A: it can be slang that means something like: recognition, praise, kudos. it comes from "PROPer respect"

"They gave me props" = They praised me or they recognized my effort, they gave me respect

"Props to you" = I respect you for what you did/ I approve of what you did and want to praise you...something like that.

and yes it can also be the items that actors use on a stage. that is unrelated.
Q: Che cosa significa he gave you props?
A: he acknowledged (gave credit to)something that you did

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Q: Qual è la differenza tra props her feet up on the table e lays her feet up on the table ?
A: “Props” suggests that her feet are upright and not relaxed, while “lays” suggests that her feet are relaxed on the table.
Q: Qual è la differenza tra props e prop ?
A: A prop is an object used in a performance. For example, a character who reads a book would need to bring a book onto the stage. A theater director might say, “do we have all the costumes and props?” “Props” is plural.
Q: Qual è la differenza tra props to you! e kudos to you! ?

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Q: What does 'props' mean?
A: In this context, prop = something which doesn't move, that's used in a theater or movie.
Props could be fake trees, or furniture used during a theatrical performance.

Examples of movie props:
Q: What "props" and "help out" mean in this phrase: "Although apparent she here isn’t too happy about helping out with props."
A: helping out = to help
props = problems
Q: i give you props for your stick-to-itiveness. sembra naturale?
A: That sounds better.

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