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Q: Come si dice in Inglese (Stati Uniti)? when you ask a qestion to john(for example) about whose this pie is. you say something like
is this pie yours? 이 파이 니꺼니?
this pie is yours?
but how do you say it when you are assuming that the pie is john's and you just want to confirm it.
A: I'd say "that pies yours, right?"
"is this pie yours?" also works

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Q: It's a qestion about the song "Speecheless" by Naomi Scott.

In the last part of the song, there're rylics like "Don't you underestimate me".
What does she exactly pronounce at "underestimate"? I think she pronounce it in a tricky way other than right pronounciation of "underestimate".

This is the link.
A: she sings the high point of the melody on 'est' in underestimate which is unusual in conversational English, but sounds totally natural in a song. lots of words will sound different then they would normally sound in songs

in a more neutral pronunciation (to be overly specific), the 'ti' and the 'mate' would sound lower than the rest of the word, which is us. flat

that being said if you wanted to be more emphatic you could say it a bunch of different ways

Q: A qestion about one specific sentence

“several improvements to the electoral process compared to Zimbabwe's past elections, though equally important problems gave rise to deep concerns that the process thus far has not made the mark.” If phraphrase the above sentence, it could be: The present electoral process made some progress. There are still some important problems as before. But I don't understand the" ...made the progress" part.

Thanks for your help.
A: You’re asking about “made the progress”. I’ve reread the sentence 5 times but I can’t find that phrase.
Q: I wrote an qestion mail to abroad company.
Please check it out wether the expression is akward and unprofessional.

"The reference ranges in Insert manual is only valid for morning(8-11'o clock) blood sample? And then we request for day time reference ranges"

Furthermore, in context 'Morning blood sample' means that blood samples which were collected in the morning. Is it make sense just write ' morning blood sample ' to mean it?

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