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Q: Che cosa significa "hoping you run out of 'quarters' soon" (would cuarteles be a good translation here?)?
A: quarters = 25 cent pieces (the kind of coin someone would use at an arcade to play video games)

hoping you run out of quarters soon = hoping you have no more coins left for this arcade machine; hoping you can't afford to play this game any more
Q: Che cosa significa "have some quarters" in "You find the copy machine, and happily you discover that you have some quarters."?
A: It means you have the right coins for the machine. The machine needs 25 cent coins, which are called quarters because they are worth 1/4 , or one quarter of a dollar.
Q: Che cosa significa quarters in this sentence ?
A: Quaters in this sentence is the money put into the "ride" to make it move.
Q: Che cosa significa cramped quarters?
A: small space. like a small room/area.

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Q: Qual è la differenza tra three quarters of e three-quarters of ?
A: 똑같아요 :)
Q: Qual è la differenza tra Only three quarters of the seats were filled. e Only three quarters of the seats were occupied. ?
A: They are the same.
Seats filled = seats occupied.

Seats filled = people are sitting IN the seats and “ filling them”
They are filled and not empty. Like a filled glass of water and not an empty glass.

Seats occupied = people are sitting in the seats. We call this filling them.
We also call this occupying them. Each person is in a seat and occupying it.
Q: Qual è la differenza tra Only three quarters of the seats were filled. e The seats were only three quarters filled. ?
A: In normal conversation, they would be understood to mean the same thing. This is because it doesn't really make sense for a single seat to be "three quarters filled."

Say you have twelve, 400ml glasses.
If you had said:
A: Only three quarters of the water glasses were filled.
B: The water glasses were only three quarters filled.

Then I would assume:
A: Nine of the twelve glasses were filled.
B: All twelve glasses were filled to 300ml.
Q: Qual è la differenza tra quarters e residences ?
A: @leolin0819: living quarters usually refers to a room, residences usually mean a whole house
Q: Qual è la differenza tra three quarters in a row e three consecutive quarters ?
A: They're the same. It will come down to which works better given your context/sentence structure.

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Q: Come si dice in Inglese (Stati Uniti)? [what means?] We even don’t know where the captan’s quarters are. “quarters”??
A: maybe they meant captains headquarters ? Can you asked them if thats what they are trying to say.

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Q: What is the quarters here?
‘He always collected quarters. He was delighted when the new U.S. state quarters were announced. He would go to his longtime neighborhood banker and make sure they put at least twenty rolls of each new quarter aside for him. ’
A: They're a type of coin in the US that are worth 25¢ (cents), so they're worth a quarter of a dollar.
Q: What are "quarters" supposed to be in this particular case?
A: Here "quarters" refer to housing made available for people to live in usually by employers or government.
Q: Two quarters (half of Koreans) of the country's population are come and live in Seoul. sembra naturale?
A: “Half of South Korea’s population come and live in Seoul” is more natural, but great job!
Q: Could I get four quarters for this? sembra naturale?
A: can I have change for a dollar please?
Q: What does "quarters" in 263 mean?
A: Quarters are "rooms or lodgings, especially ones set aside for military or domestic help (maids, butlers, nannies)".

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