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Q: Che cosa significa Not only that the criminal ranking given to players who were cheaper score between 1,000 and 1009 is SA Goon and apparent reference to the fact that users of the site are known as goons ?
A: The criminal ranking given to players who achieve a score between 1000 and 1009 is "SA Goon", an apparent reference to the fact that users of the site are known as "goons".

This is a reference to the previous fact, #68. People who go to the forums at (SA) are called "goons". That is the nickname that the users gave to themselves.
Q: Che cosa significa With most cycle-friendly rankings heavily stacked with European representatives?
A: please provide original text

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Q: Qual è la differenza tra She showed up in the rankings. e She showed up in the ranking. ?
A: “She showed up in the rankings” should be used if rankings haven’t been mentioned in the conversation. “She showed up in the ranking” should be used if you have already mentioned the rankings in the conversation. Hope this helps

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Q: The high ranking bureaucrat who is under heavy fire by a video with full of nasty sexual remarks toward a female reporter told the press that they were just patch of segments from several conversations, so if you see it in its entirety, it would come across differently.
I have to admit that sometimes attractive female reporters are sent to politicians or high ranking bureaucrats to make them loose-lipped sharing scoops to the reporters.
However decent people would never utter such indecent phrases in any situations.
That can't be an excuse. sembra naturale?
A: " . . . heavy fire by a video full of . . . "

" . . . told the press that they were just a patch . . . "

"loose lipped scoops for reporters" sounds more natural here.

"However, decent people . . . "

" . . . in any situation."
Q: He is not a top 5 ranking player any longer. sembra naturale?
A: I understand this to mean "He used to rank in the top 5, but he does not rank in the top 5 now/anymore."
Q: Though I had begun to listen because recommended ranking of the Western music contained this music, I thought that is cool if I could sing in English and have begun to practice the part which rapid utterance sembra naturale?
A: On recommendation, I began to listen to western music( could say "American music") and thought it would be cool to sing in English. Therefore, I begun practicing with rapid utterance(pronunciations)
Q: what do you call the highest- ranking official in a municipal government? a president or a mayor?
A: A mayor.

Municipal government is the lowest form of government. They only have power over a city or town.

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